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Dive Into Adventure in the Bahamas

On the surface, the prospect of spotting sharks in the Caribbean sounds like a bad thing. While travelers staying at villas in the Bahamas don't usually have to worry about sharks encroaching on their shores or bothering them while they swim at some of the nation's best beaches, they can still have some personal encounters with the creatures.

Observing and potentially swimming with sharks can be a thrilling and memorable experience for travelers staying at a Caribbean villa. Tour operators like Stuart Cove, based in Nassau, offer excursions such as the "Extreme Shark Adventure," which brings divers face to face with Caribbean Reef Sharks. During this underwater experience, a professional feeder dives down with a box of bait and feeds the animals just yards away from travelers, creating an experience that you won't soon forget. 

Lucky vacationers may event get the chance to see the whitetip shark, an elusive and endangered animal that makes its home far off the coast of the Bahamas. These majestic creatures can venture thousands of miles from the island nation where they spend the majority of their time, but with a sense of adventure and a little bit of luck, you could be able to spot one on your dive. 

A swim in shark-infested waters is anything but ordinary, and you'll be eager to share your incredible stories with loved ones back home. Be sure to splurge for an underwater photo or video of you and the sharks for a memento, as the experience is something others may have to see to believe. 

Of course, if you'd rather keep a safe distance between yourself and the rulers of the sea, there are plenty of less intense activities you can choose. The majority of vacationers take advantage of opportunities to snorkel or dive to get close to slightly tamer species, while others choose to stop by aquariums to view the creatures in a more comfortable environment. Places like the Predator Lagoon on Paradise Island offer an informational experience for observing some notorious animals without getting your feet wet. 

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Take a Bite Out of Adventure During Stays at Villas in the Bahamas


On the surface, the prospect of spotting sharks in the Caribbean sounds like a bad thing.