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Enhance Your Spa Experience With These Helpful Tips

Sometimes the best part of a vacation is the time you spend in your own mind. Whether you're reclining quietly on a beach steps from private villas in St. Barts or letting an expert spa therapist treat you to the ultimate rejuvenating session, these quiet and reflective periods can provide some much-needed relaxation and perspective. 

Many travelers are eager to take advantage of spa services, especially those that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own Caribbean villa. Consider using a few of these helpful tips to make the most of your indulgence: 

Plan Your Treatments Ahead of Time
Before you depart on your adventure, be sure to plan out the treatments you want to try. You'll have to book personal spa sessions before you arrive at your destination to get the service brought directly to your doorstep, and knowing when your spa times are allows you to insert other adventures in your itinerary as well. 

Remember to drink water before and after a spa session. Water can work wonders when it comes to refreshing the body, but it also helps massages have a greater effect, as hydration relaxes the muscles, makes them easier to ply during a treatment and invigorates the body once the experience is complete. That fruity cocktail will still be waiting once the session is over, so resist the urge to sip on it and stick to water instead. 

Personalize the Experience
You can enhance even the simplest of treatments by adding some personal touches to create the perfect environment. Dim the lights to your desired brightness, put on whatever music you find most soothing, get the room to a comfortable temperature and use other details to customize the experience and make yourself comfortable. Don't be afraid to offer some feedback during the treatment as well - if you want more or less pressure during a massage or any other changes, speak out. Most of the time, the professional will be happy to cater to your every whim. 

Get Primed for a Tan
Every traveler wants to return from their Caribbean vacation villa looking sun kissed, and indulging in a spa treatment can help achieve that goal. If you want to get a tan while minimizing harm, invest in a session near the beginning of your vacation and get your skin ready for the sun. 

"Take the time to visit the spa if you are going to be exposed to the sun, and a scrub should be the first treatment to cleanse your body and obtain a great tan," Valentina Velazco, director of a Mexican spa, told Conde Nast Traveler. "Practice yoga, tai chi or a fun activity such as salsa lessons or surfing, and keep using your regular ... products to protect your skin against sun damage." 

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Enhance Your Spa Experience With These Helpful Tips


Sometimes the best part of a vacation is the time you spend in your mind.