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Lolita Jaca Clothing Epitomizes St. Barts Style

In St. Barts, style is everything. From the time you touch down from your flight to the island to the minute you step into your Caribbean villa, you'll want to make sure everything is picture perfect - including your outfit. The perfect way to make sure you blend with the native island style is by wearing clothing made in the nation, and when you're vacationing at villas in St. Barts, there are many local creations just waiting to be worn. 

One local brand is helping travelers put their best foot forward as they traverse the island. Lolita Jaca, created by designer Faby Jaca, is a line of clothing inspired by the natural beauty of St. Barts. By blending the array of vibrant colors found in the Caribbean with the island's laid-back style, Jaca has created a signature look that travelers in St. Barts can take full advantage of. 

Jaca has been producing the clothing line since 2004, and travelers can stop by the brand's boutique to score some limited edition items. The Houston Chronicle reports that a few upcoming pieces include beaded tunics and kimonos, in addition to the embroidered garments that makes up the bulk of the line. 

"Each piece is handmade," Jaca told Couture Lab. "Based on my journeys to different places I start to select the most beautiful fabrics - it can be a completely hand-made embroidered saree or a sourcing of some pieces of vintage fabrics." 

Many of these materials are sourced from or inspired by India and its culture, as the bright colors and meticulous details are reminiscent of St. Barts. 

The designer told the news source she sees her brand as being in the general realm of travel, cruise and luxury style, making the line perfect for jet-setters staying on the island. Whether you're in search of a cover-up to wear as you stroll down the region's stunning beaches or want a special outfit for a fun night out, the Lolita Jaca brand can help. You can even wear Jaca's clothes to Le 88, a Greek-inspired tavern in St. Barts that the designer claims is her favorite restaurant on the island. 

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Lolita Jaca Clothing Epitomizes the Style Found at Villas in St. Barts


In St. Barts, style is everything.