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Up-and-Coming Travel Trends Could Influence Caribbean Adventures

Savvy travelers like to stay one step ahead of the general public. Whether it's jumping at the chance to vacation at villas in St. John to explore unknown parts of the island or heading to the Bahamas to dance the night away at a bustling club, these jet-setters often want to take advantage of up-and-coming travel trends that can help create an extraordinary trip. Some of the hot ideas for 2013 are sure to provide inspiration for eager globetrotters, so consider adding one of these elements to your next vacation: 

Relax With Spa Treatments
Having a rejuvenating experience is often high on a vacationer's wish list. Laying out on the sandy shores along the Caribbean coast and soaking up the sun is certainly a great way to recharge your batteries, but sometimes the ultimate way to relax involves a massage. Travelers staying at private villas can organize a special spa experience ahead of time, bringing trained professionals right to their elegant accommodations for a magical spa session. 

Stay Active During Your Adventures
Just because you decide to spend the bulk of your time relaxing on a picturesque beach doesn't mean there are no opportunities to work up a sweat during a vacation. Many travelers look for ways they can push themselves or get out of their comfort zone while traveling, and some destinations offer great opportunities to do just that. 

If you're staying at villas in Hawaii, consider heading to spots like the famous island of Oahu to surf a world-class wave. The thrill of surfing is enough to enhance any trip, but when set against the spectacular backdrop of the island chain it can really kick your travel experience up a notch. 

Many other exotic destinations provide plenty of locales where snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking are common, allowing visitors to explore a new place while also increasing their heart rate. If nothing else, days spent swimming in the clear blue waters of your chosen destination will help burn off the calories from the delectable fresh seafood dishes that dominate dinner menus. 

Try Something New
Part of the fun of venturing to a destination is trying exciting new activities. Horseback riding on the beach in Barbados, zip lining through the forest canopy of St. Martin or cliff jumping in Jamaica are all memorable experiences that are sure to make any friend jealous.

"Travelers' expectations have just skyrocketed," Simon Chen, general manager of a vacation accommodation, told Just Luxe. "They are looking to fulfill a lifetime dream, self improvement or simply to do something different that they can brag about to their friends."  

Even slightly more reserved travelers can get in on the fun. Sampling new and innovative dishes, such as the fusion creations often found on St. Barts, is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the island culture while having a good time. 

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Up-and-Coming Travel Trends Could Influence Caribbean Villa Adventures


Savvy travelers like to stay one step ahead of the general public.