Italy or France? Pick Your Trip & Your Villa

We’re breaking down these two top locales to help you decide which to visit.

Should you vacation in Italy or France? The choice is yours – but it can be a hard one. Both countries boast amazing scenery, cities, wine, food, culture, landmarks … the list goes on. If you can only visit one (or only visit one first), we’re here to help you determine which destination is best for you, plus find a villa to stay in. We chose four top vacation themes and the country that best satisfies each. Your decision starts here: 


The French Riviera is unrivaled when it comes to coastlines. With hundreds of beaches and exceptionally good weather, the region offers an ideal villa getaway by the sand. Round out your beach vacation with world-famous nightlife, restaurants and high-end shopping.

Your villa: Trio, located in an exclusive Cote d’Azur village with access to some of the region’s best beaches


From the iconic cities to the diverse landscapes, and all the culture and history in between, we say Italy is a place for those who want to maximize sightseeing adventures. Explore Rome’s ancient sites and cityscape, the rugged and beautiful Amalfi Coast, and the mountainous Lakes region. 

Your villa: Maria, set on the shores of Lake Como, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and medieval towns


We have to face it; nothing says romance like a trip for two to Paris. It might sounds cliché, but it’s true – the city’s allure and charm makes it a favorite destination for couples, hands down. Visit the intimate villages, classic cafes and landmarks and museums together.

Your villa: Aristocrate, a chic and historic house just outside of Paris, offering a quiet retreat after a day in the city 

Food & wine

Both countries are renowned for their wine, of course, and you can’t go wrong either way – it just depends on your taste. Add cuisine into the mix, and most will say that Italy wins out, thanks to the legendary pasta, seafood, bread and olive oil. 

Your villa: Giunia, Tuscany, where multi-course meals and local Chianti can be served in onsite, per request

Bonus villa (if you’d rather French wine): Chateau Ventoux, Provence, a grand 18th-century estate surrounded by vineyards 

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