Spotlight on Los Cabos: 8 Questions for our Villa Experts

Get away to this top Mexico travel destination with a little planning help (where to stay, what to eat) from the Villas of Distinction team.

Want to make Mexico your next vacation destination? Great choice! Think Los Cabos, where seaside sophistication meets the life of the tropical party. Get it all in one place, from world-class watersports to unbeatable views to INCREDIBLE food – just ask our villa experts. OK, you don’t have to, because we already did. They’ve recently returned from a trip to our Los Cabos villas (lucky them). See why they love this spot, and you’ll surely be on your way to a villa there soon.

The experts:
Steve Lassman, Vice President
Linda Flatt, Villa Specialist

Casa Bella at Cabo Colorado

Casa Bella at Cabo Colorado, Los Cabos

What is your personal favorite thing about visiting Los Cabos? 
Lisa: The ease of getting around, the people, the food, the views and the relaxed feeling you get when you’re there
Steve: It's the water – the color of the water is a deep blue and just so beautiful and there are so many activities that involve this beautiful water.

What makes this destination different from other places in Mexico?
Steve: The quality of the accommodations, the many different options of accommodations and the quality of the restaurants and food choices. Also the land – the desert meets the ocean, and it has the best weather. That makes this the best destination within Mexico.

Hacienda Beachfront Villa #7

Hacienda Beachfront Villa #7, Los Cabos

What's one of your favorite Los Cabos villas and why?

Lisa: So hard to choose – so many great ones. It’s a true tie between Villa Cielito and Hacienda Beachfront Villa #7! They are both beautiful villas with amazing views, but most importantly they are beachfront and on swimmable beaches, which is very rare in Cabo.
Steve: Casa Bella at Cabo Colorado is a beautiful, quaint, modern home that is just very special. 

What have been some of the most popular Los Cabos villas this year?
Lisa: Casa Bella at Cabo ColoradoSerena, Gran Vista, Castillo Escondido … so many!


Serena, Los Cabos

What’s different about Cabo San Lucas versus San Jose del Cabo?
Lisa: Cabo San Lucas is more like spring break, with lots of great bars and night clubs, great places to eat and shop – just a place to walk around and have fun. San Jose del Cabo is a bit more laid back with a lot of art shops, antiques and local restaurants. It’s great for anyone looking for a more relaxing getaway.

Do you need a car during a Los Cabos villa stay?
Steve: Yes, but it depends on the type of trip. For example, if you have a girls’ trip and you just want to spend time at the villa and occasionally go out, a car a driver is a better option. But driving is very easy and the roads are very good with good signage.                                   

What local food should I try?
Lisa: EVERYTHING! I even eat fish tacos when I am there and I don’t eat fish!
Steve: Seafood, shrimp and fish tacos, ceviche and sushi. A few restaurant recommendations: Nick-san (for great sushi), Tacos Gardenias, Manta (high-end dining), and my favorite Flora Farm, for farm-to-table fare that is amazing

What is one thing you recommend visitors do or see while here?
Lisa: Eating at the “office” – many places have tables on the beach so you have your feet in the sand and a cold drink in your hand!
Steve: Anything in or on the water, like whale watching. There is also great golf – but I would not miss Flora Farm! 

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